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If you’ve suffered a workplace injury that has threatened your career, you’re probably going through some financial and personal struggles. Now you’ve got help. At the Law Offices of Danny R. Seidman in Waldorf, MD, we understand what you’re going through and will fight for your rights. Rest easier when Danny Seidman is on your side. Serving all of southern Maryland and the Metro-DC area.


Count on us to make sure you know everything you need about your legal rights and options before we will guide you through the entire process. Our team will be with you in court to do everything possible to make sure you get the compensation you deserve. For over 25 years we’ve been helping great people like you throughout Charles, Calvert, St. Mary’s, and Prince George’s Counties.

Find out what you need to do after a workplace injury

Besides covering your lost wages, workers' compensation can also pay your medical bills including prescriptions and medical supplies. You may also qualify for vocational retraining. We will do what it takes to get you the benefits you deserve.


Get answers to related questions including:

•  What if my injuries don't allow me to work again?

•  How will my wages be paid when I no longer work?

•  How will my medical expenses be paid for?

•  Can I receive additional compensation if I have complications

   in the future?

Workers' compensation benefits

No fee

unless we win.

Receive the compensation you deserve. Make an appointment today.


Home and hospital

visits if necessary.



You're entitled to certain benefits if you're injured at work. Know what are the benefits you're entitled to and how to file a workers' compensation claim. You can rely on us to get answers to a few common questions such as:


•  How should I handle a possible call from my

   employer's insurance company?

•  Should I provide a recorded statement about my injury?

•  Am I obligated to use my employer's doctor?

•  Can I be fired for filing a job injury claim?


When you're unable to work due to a workplace injury, you’re entitled to lost wages and necessary medical expenses. If your injuries are permanent, our dedicated team will help you get the disability award and medical benefits you need.

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